Reecepups Labradors
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​In our home
  We enjoy these beautiful AKC, loyal labradors everyday. They were raised and live in our home with our 3 children and cats. We believe our animals are a part of  our family, and without them we would be missing something. They are well loved and so are we, they are very affectionate and caring. This breed is perfect for anyone looking for a best friend, companion or even for hunting purposes.
  Let me introduce you to Lexi, Cashian and Meeka. Lexi carries outstanding champion bloodlines in therapy and confirmation. She has a beautiful yellow coat and weighs 75 pounds. Meeka, our black labrador weighs in at 70 pounds, is extremelly intelligent and trained with unique commands. Cashian is our chocolate Labrador weighing 85 pounds. He caries hunting bloodlines as well as his CGC title. Our dogs flew through obedience classes and have proved to us how smart, lovable and loyal Labrador Retreivers truly are!
Reecepups ® Kearneysville, WV